There’s more evidence the City of London has been misleading taxpayers about the real costs of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

CTV London broadcast a detailed story on the six o'clock news Friday showing a City of London report that confirms that City Staff are looking at additional funding from other sources to cover the City’s $130 million portion to build BRT. New uncertainties of the BRT plan are making some councilors think twice about the project .

That means your taxes will increase because the City will run out and start borrowing money. Somebody has to pay (with interest) and that someone is you!  The news story included a City Staff member from the Finance Department who admitted more funding sources are being investigated.

This counters BRT / SHIFT communications that stated repeatedly that Development charges would more than cover the costs of London's share.

Over a year ago DownShift predicted that the City of London’s share would not be sustainable.  Forcefully and repeatedly, DownShift was rebuffed by Consultants, City Staff, Councillors and Mayor Brown. The holes in the City of London's case just keep getting bigger and bigger.

What is your Council member now saying, are they seeking re-election?

This project should be put on hold NOW!  On Tuesday, May 8th City Council votes on moving ahead with the next phase of an Environmental Assessment.  Let’s not waste more tax dollars on City Staff and Consultants for a flawed report.

Call, text and email your Council Member and ask them to shut this down on Tuesday and wait for a new Council that may have the ability to ask the tough questions that are not based on political gamesmanship.

Honesty, openness & integrity was the mantra from this Council during the last election. BRT demonstrates words need to be backed by people who care.  

The councillor list is here - please act now and communicate by Monday morning.