Go the the Polls This Fall--Have Your Say About BRT!!!

Go the The Polls This Fall Londoners--Have Your Say About BRT!!
London City Council has confirmed they are willing to gamble unknown tax increases to all Londoners to support Bus Rapid Transit.
Following months and months of misleading taxpayers
property taxes would not increase to pay for BRT
Monday evening passed a motion to move into the final phase of and Environmental Assessment
with it
not supported by a clear financial plan.
​ ​
e financial plan from City staff will not come for months.
It's like buying a house without knowing the price or the monthly mortgage payment and how much it will cost to operate that property. It's appears it is easy to spend other peoples money.
​ ​
The phrase "rolling dice" comes to mind.
Keep in mind other potential cost overruns
operating deficits and expropriation costs will also land squarely on your tax bill.
Council believes bold actions will trump business sense when Londoners go to the election booths. They are simply ignoring several polls that clearly demonstrate the vast majority of respondents want a new plan!
The ​provincial election in June demonstrates another financial wildcard for Londoners in the BRT saga. Despite political theater from the current government that announced its so called funding share, the truth is they have not finished reviewing the project and no funds have been sent to London. In fact, all major capital projects will be reviewed by two of the three party's seeking your vote, the federal government has not even seen the London project and has told London to slow down and get it right. Misleading comments from certain city councillors about the federal funds already being sent are just that, a fabrication meant to confuse taxpayers.
With final stage of environmental assessment taking 185 mandatory days this becomes the number one election issue for the October civic election. You can have your say, Londoners have a choice! Take the time, research candidates who want to improve transportation
not simply fall into line behind an expensive unrealistic waste of tax dollars.
Find candidates who want a better plan, find candidates who understand just how much a revamped public transportation
​should make sense and service all Londoners around the entire city.
Londoners wanted this issue added to the ballot for October. You now have that
Use it!