Federal Funding Statement

March 22, 2018
Downshift London Statement
Londoners were put through a misleading exercise by Mayor Matt Brown this week. During a radio interview, Brown told the host the BRT (bus rapid transit) project was fully funded and ready to go. His misguided, erroneous statement was  spawned by a Federal government announcement that London had been earmarked for $204-million in transportation funding. The funding, in reality, is not specifically for London’s proposed BRT plan.
The Mayor plowed through the reality of the announcement by Member of Parliament, Peter Fragiskatos who repeatedly told all who would listen that these funds
were not specifically earmarked for BRT. The Member of Parliament has put great effort (another interview this morning) into explaining in detail the many hoops London’s BRT proposal will have to go through before it is even considered in Ottawa. In fact, despite a political announcement from the Provincial government, the province has still not officially granted London one penny. The BRT plan has not passed the Environmental Assessment required by law and that process will not be completed until October 2018.
The strength and integrity of the Member of Parliament, London North shows the reasonable level-headed leadership Londoners should expect from all elected officials.
The City of London has been continuously criticized for poor communication regarding the BRT plan with London taxpayers for over a year. 
Taxpayers should not be put through this calculated nonsense. BRT is clearly becoming the number one issue in the 2018 fall London municipal election.