Downshift London - Statement March 16 re: Funding

March 16, 2018
Downshift Statement

London Gets Its Share
Good news on Friday, March 16, the Federal Government announced transportation allocations for Ontario. London's share is $204-million and the best news, it is not allocated for the flawed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan being fronted by City Hall.

Peter Fragiskatos, Member of Parliament, London North Centre, made it clear, very clear these funds will not be distributed without fully vetted business plans and hefty due diligence in Ottawa. This process takes time, lots of time, so there is little to no chance BRT will be reviewed in Ottawa before the provincial and municipal elections.

Without getting into the weeds on details, the province has not completed its environmental assessment, so the earlier "announcement" about provincial funding is raw politics that is not supported by provincial environmental laws.

London can still present an alternative to BRT that makes sense and provides real service across the entire city, for everyone and all modes of transportation. This is far from over.

To do:
1. Citizens of London, keep the pressure on London council members, keep the pressure on provincial candidates and members. Write, call and email elected representatives who represent you.

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London City Councillors and contact information

Mayor's Office
Office of the Mayor Phone: 519-661-4920  E-mail:
c/o London City Hall
Suite 214 - 300 Dufferin Avenue
London ON   N6B 1Z2

London North Centre : Deborah Matthews, 519-432-7339